1. General
    Onam, Christmas, Teachers Day, Children’s day, Kerala Piravi, Independence day, Save Earth, Save Energy
  2. Academic
    : To hone the creative faculty of our students and bring the best in them.It is a monthly academic conference. It helps the students deepen their knowledge  in different subjects.
    Epista :
    To inculcate knowledge in depth for competing with the present world.The school is conducting a quiz competition names as “ EPISTA” to enrich the students with general knowledge in order to face competitive exams. It is continuous program me, which starts  fro June to January 2012 for class III- XII. In each month students will get a printed question paper and they should submit the answer sheet at specified dates.Grand finale- 12th January 2012.
  3. Arts gala : to explore the artistic talents of young minds.
  4. Sports Day :  healthy mind in a healthy body.
  5. Open House
  6. Study Tour.
  7. Special Assemblies.
  8. Carnival
  9. Santa Marian Tournament.
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