Kooroppada, Kottayam
Kerala, India
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Manager's Words

School life is the most joyous period in your life, perhaps you may not know. The ultimate purpose of your coming to the school is for your transformation into a fine person who can live with happiness and self-esteem in this modern world. Make this your definite goal throughout your life. Always feel proud of your school and to be a ‘Santamarian’. Santamarian school life make you punctual in life style and success in attaining your life goal by make use of the opportunities like examinations, competitions, arts and sports activities and other skill developments of this school. Helping others and serving the society must be a passion for you. Give due respect to all teachers and elders. Learn to face difficult situations in life right from childhood. Be smart in your movement, gaze, talk, and turn out. Keep smiling and be happy at all times, so that you become one of the dearest sons of God.