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“Santa Maria “, the name has become very popular in and around Kooroppada, the name that changed the good old “Koo ra ppada” to the present glorious Kooroppada. This transformation started in 2002, with the arrival of a young energetic and enthusiastic scholar Rev. Dr. Joseph Puthuparambil as the Vicar of Mar Sleeva Church. His daring leap, to establish an English Medium School  in this remote village, the facility which we could not dream of till then, has led to the growth of the Parish and the area.

Santa Maria Educational Society was formed to manage the affairs of the School. The first General Body meeting held on 24th August 2002, approved the Memorandum of Association and the Bye-laws of the Society and elected the following members to the Governing Body:- Rev.Fr. Joseph Puthuparambil ( President), Mr.T.O.Joseph Thuppalanjiyil ( Vice President), Mr. V.M.Mathew Vadana ( Secretary ), Mr. K.C.Michael Mareenavilla ( Joint Secretary ), Mr. C.S.Joseph Cherackal ( Treasurer) and Engr. James Jacob Adackamundackal ,Prof. M.K.Joseph Meledathu,M/s. P.M.Thomas Pathrapankal, A.J.John Karivelil, P.M.Xavier Puthenpura, T.M. Antony Thuppalanjiyil, John Jacob Kumbluveli, P.C. Joseph Pathrapankal, George Mathew Thuppalanjiyil  and K.V.Mathew Kochukarottu ( Members). The Society was registered on 20th October,2002 under the Travancore Cochin Scientific, Cultural & Charitable Societies Registration Act 1956.( Reg.No.K 681/02).

The KG school run by the Sisters of Apostolic Oblates in our parish hall was taken over by Santa Maria Educational Society, as per the decision of the General Body Meeting of the Parish and Santa Maria Public School started functioning on 1st June 2002. H.G. Mar Joseph Powathil, Arch Bishop of Changanachery Arch Diocese blessed the school and Shri.  OommenChandy MLA inaugurated the school. Prof MK Joseph Meledom was the first Principal and Mrs. Rosamma Joseph the first teacher along with Sr. Mollykutty in the KG section.

The gradual growth of the school started with the blessing of the first block on 29/3/2004, by H.G.Mar. Joseph Powathil, Arch Bishop of Changanacherry, in the presence of Sri. OommenChandy M.L.A.  Following the inauguration of the building, we started the efforts for obtaining the affiliation from CBSE and by November,2004, we got Composite Affiliation up to Class X. By the end of 2004 Play School was started in the name “Angel’s Garden”.

Our School is recognised as a Minority Community institution by the Central Minority Commission vide letter No. F.No.1458of 2006/8862 dated 4/5/2007.

In 2008 the first batch of students passed out of Class X with flourishing colours. That was an energy booster to start Senior Secondary Section and our School was upgraded as Senior Secondary School by CBSE vide their letter No.CBSE/Aff./930522(SS00044)0910/2008/134756, dated 18/6/2008. The new buildings for the Senior Secondary and the K.G. Sections were blessed by H.G.Mar Joseph Perumthottam, Arch Bishop of Changanacherry, on 5/9/2008 and Sri .Ooommen Chandy , M.L.A. inaugurated the Junior College.

Rev.Fr. Joseph Puthuparambil assumed the office of the Principal, as Prof. M.K. Joseph relinquished the post of Principal and was appointed to the honorary post of Academic Director. Mr. Biji K Sebastian was appointed as the vice Principal.

From 2009 onwards our Class IX students have started a new era in the history of CBSE schools, by publishing a Malayalam book “NjangalkkuParayanullathu”. All erstwhile class IX students followed the path till 2017, by publishing a Malayalam book every year. This is an appreciable achievement of our Malayalam department under the leadership of Mr. T.O.JosephThuppalanjiyil.

As the School was progressing, more infrastructural facilities became inevitable. Then we thought of a new building, and, on15th August, 2009, our founder Manager, Rev.Fr. Joseph Puthuparambil, laid the foundation stone for the Admin Block, and the same was Blessed and Inaugurated by himself on 31/5/2011. Earstwhile Vice- Principal, Mr. Biji K Sebastian Kizhakke Elamthottam was appointed as the Principal.

The arrival of a young energetic Associate Vicar, Rev. Fr. Joseph Mulavana in the Parish, has given a new leap to the sports and cultural activities of the school. Himself, being a good Volleyball player, he started coaching a volley ball team and we could participate in competitions and win trophies. In 2011 we started “Santa Marian Volleyball Tournament”, for CBSE schools in Kerala.

In June 2012, our Founder Manager, Rev. Fr. Joseph Puthuparambil left the school on his transfer and Rev. Fr. Joseph Mulavana (“Sajiachan”} took over the charges of the President of Santa Maria Educational Society and the Manager of the School.  Due to his initiative, by July 2015, all Classrooms from Class I to X were converted as “Digital Class Rooms”. During his period, we have started the “Epista Quizz Programmes” for the students, and the winners are presented with gold coins and other attractive prizes. The efforts of Sajiachan, along with the Principal Mr. Biji K Sebastian brought the school to a very high esteem.

In June 2015, the Principal Mr. Biji K Sebastian, left the school for better career opportunities.  Mrs. Lissamma Babu Joseph as the new Principal succeeded in leading the school in the same path of growth.  Mr. Biji K Sebastian was elected to the Society Executive Committee in 2016.

Sajiachan, being a sportsman, thought seriously about a suitable play ground for the school. With the consent of the Parish General Body, he started the work for a good play ground in the school premises and also he thought that a modern Auditorium was inevitable to the School. On 4thSeptember, 2016, H.G.Mar. Joseph Powathil, Arch Bishop Emeritus, laid the foundation stone for “Santa Marian Cultural Centre”.

As the works of the auditorium progressed on a war footing, in February 2017, Sajiachan was transferred from this Parish to Podippara Parish.  Rev. Fr. Scaria Srambickal, the new vicar assumed the office of the Manager of the school. But in June 2017, just after three months, he left the Parish to take charge as the Vicar of Paippadu Churh, a more convenient parish, as he was appointed as a Lecturer in SB College Changanacherry.  Rev. Fr. Roy Mathew ( Augustine) Ponganamthadathil, Bursar of Mar. Gregorios  College Punnapra, who became the new Vicar of this Parish became the President of S.M.E.S, and the Manager of S.M.P.S. and to help him Mr. James Jacob was appointed as the Administrator of the school.

The efforts of Rev. Fr. Roy Mathew Ponganamthadathil to raise funds and complete the work of the auditorium succeeded and H.G. Mar Joseph Perumthottam, Arch Bishop of Changanacherry Arch Diocese, carried out the Blessing and Inauguration of Santa Marian Cultural Centre on 18th September 2017.

As we all know, the growth of Santa Maria Public School from a big ZERO to the present position is the sincere, unselfish, devoted and wholehearted efforts of the Executive Committee of Santa Maria Educational Society under the leadership of the erstwhile Presidents. As customary the Parish Priests are transferred frequently. Having a dedicated Executive Committee for the first fifteen years, helped in overcoming the drawbacks of the frequent changes of the Managers. From 2002 to 2017 the same Executive Committee continued, except the change of the first Treasurer Late Sri. C.S. Joseph Cherackal, who resigned in 2007 due to ill health and Mr. P.A.Thomas Ikaraputhenpura was elected to fill the vacancy in the Executive and Mr. KC Michael Mareenavilla was elected the Treasurer.  In June 2017, M/s. K.C. Michael Mareenavilla (Treasurer), P.A.Thomas Ikaraputhenpura, A.J. John Karivelil, John Jacob Kumbluvelil, relinquished their posts in the Executive Committee. Hence, M/s. Alex Joseph Chengalamparambil, Manoj Joseph Pathrapankal, Siby K Sebastian Thottappaly and Antony Joseph Mattom were elected to fill their vacancy.  Mr. James Jacob Adackamundackal  ( Treasurer),  Mr.T.O.Joseph Thuppalanjiyil ( Vice President), Mr. V.M.Mathew Vadana ( Secretary ) are also elected as the office bears. The reconstituted Executive Committee, along with the new Manager, Rev. Fr. Roy Mathew Ponganamthadathil, is putting full efforts to keep up the standard of the school in high esteem.

Impotent events of the school 

  • 24/03/2002
    General Body of the Parish decided to take over the Nursary School run by the Sisters Apostolic Oblates and run a CBSE Public School named “ Santa Maria Public School”.  A committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Vicar Rev. Fr.  Joseph Puthuparambil to undertake the formation works.
  • 01/04/2002
    The committee decided to form a charitable society named “ Santa Maria Educational Soceity”  to manage and run the school.  Chartered Accountant Mr. Antony  Jacob gave advices and assisted with formation of the memorandum of association and the Bylaws.
  • 01/06/2002
    SMPS was formerly inaugurated by this Grace Arch Bishop Mar Joseph Powathil in the presence of Sri Oomman Chandy MLA.  Only class I and LKG / UKG was started and Prof. M.K. Joseph Meledam appointed as principal.
  • 24/08/2002 
    The General Body approved the by laws and elected the school governing body.  The Parish vicar Fr. Joseph Puthuparambil elected as President of the society.
  • 20/11/2002
    SMES was registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and charitable societies  Act 1955 with Reg. No. K/681 / 02
  • 15/12/2002
    Earth works of the school building started
  • 31/05/2003
    Foundation stone of the school building was laid by very Rev. Fr. Jose P Kottaram(Vicar General Changanachery Arch Diocese.
  • 07/03/2004
    It was decided to start classes up to VII for 01/06/2004 and apply for NOC / composite Affiliation up to secondary level.
  • 29/03/2004
    Blessing and inauguration of the new building done by Grace Arch Bishop Mar Joseph Powathil. Engineer James Jacob Adackamundackal has done the design and supervision of the construction works.
  • 01/06/2004
    Play school in the name “Angel Garden” started functioning
  • 29/06/2004
    NOC granted by Govt. of Kerala under letter No. 34499 / N3/2004/G.Edu.29/06/2004
  • 17/11/2004
    Composite Affiliation granted by CBSE up to secondary level even wide letter No.CBSE/Aff/930522 / 33411 – 15 Dt. 17/11/2004.
  • Dec 2006
    It was decided to conduct school day celebrations as school carnival during January last weeks every year.
  • 04/05/2007
    The school was granted approval as a minority Educational Institution vide letter No. F. NO. 1458 of 2006 / dd62
  • 27/05/2007
    The annual General Body decided to upgrade the school to senior secondary level and provide the infrastructural facilities for that  and to construct new building for KG section also.
  • March 2008
    1st batch of students appeared for Class X Examination and all passed with 65% of distinction and 35% of first class.
  • May 2008
    A school Bus purchased
  • 08/09/2008
    New building for Senior Secondary and KG sections Blessed by and inaugurated by H.G. Arch Bishop Mar Joseph Perumthottam and the Junior College was inaugurated by Sri Oomman Chandy MLA (Opposition Leader)
  • June 2008
    Class XI Started
  • 08/09/2009
    Construction the third block of the building complex started foundation stoe laid by Rev. Fr. Joseph Puthuparambil.
  • 25 – 26 January 2010
    Science Exhibition and seminar conducted highlighting the need to protect the purity of earth and environment.
  • April 2010
    Biogas plant constructed to dispose of the bio waste generated in the school and to demonstrate to the students how to manage waste disposal and energy conservation.